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The Magic of the West African Kola Nut

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the energy to power through your day? Or perhaps you're looking for a refreshing and restorative pick-me-up after or before work out or refreshing alternative to your tea & coffee or alcoholic beverage drinking habits.

Look no further than Clayton's Kola Tonic, crafted with care by the renowned Armstrong agency now in Barbados.

Kola tonic has been a popular beverage for generations, providing a boost of caffeine and other essential nutrients. What sets Clayton's apart from the crowd is the unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to deliver a truly transformative drinking experience. Kent Hops, Bajan Sugars, King Citrus & the west African kola nut!

(Each 35ml measure equate to a cup of coffee in terms of caffeine content extracted from the west African kola nut)

With each sip of Clayton's, you'll feel your senses come alive with the invigorating flavor of genuine kola nut. This distinctive ingredient is packed with caffeine, tannins, and alkaloids, all of which work together to provide an immediate boost of energy and focus plus a refreshing alternative to alcohol which is what inspired the Clayton's brothers who invented in in 1880 back in the day.


What's more, Clayton's Kola Tonic is also a versatile product, with a wide range of potential applications. Whether you're looking to conquer a long day at work, recover from an intense workout, or simply pamper yourself with a rejuvenating beverage, Clayton's has you covered.

It's rich history as a market leading alternative or versatile compliment to alcoholic drinks is also widely known in professional circles too.

The 1930s Savoy cocktail book features seven recipes with this particular brand, so it's liquid worth exploring today with people consuming less alcohol for sure!

It's Redemptive Not carbonated for your information & it's magical flavour is terrific to work with as a chef, mixologist or home drinks enthusiast. There is nothing like it!

At drink think we were also pondering current drinks trends & see that stimilus is also a big factor in the rise of the espresso martini....

with Clayton's Kola Tonic however, you can introduce stimulus at any time of the day now in a whole variety of ways coffee is unable to compete with from a flavour perspective.

Check out Scott & Kay having fun in our drinks lab with Clayton's Kola Tonic on our Drink Think TV link 👉🏼

Email for more info on delivery & supply in UK & EU

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