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Burgundy Wine in our Current Times….

Burgundy Wines: A Tale of Climate and Harvest.

Burgundy, located in the eastern part of France, is known for its exceptional wines and vineyards. It has been producing some of the finest wines in the world for centuries. However, over the past few years, this grape-growing region has been facing some significant challenges that have had a significant impact on its supply chain.

Climate Change

One of the most significant challenges that Burgundy winemakers are facing is climate change. The region has been experiencing a series of extreme weather events that have affected the vineyards. In 2016, hailstorms destroyed nearly a third of the vineyards in the Côte de Beaune region. In the same year, frost destroyed around 50% of the production in Chablis.

In 2018, a heatwave hit Burgundy, and temperatures soared above 40°C. The heat affected the grapes' maturation, resulting in smaller berries, fewer grapes, and lower yields. The heat also caused dehydration, which affected the quality of the grapes, resulting in less concentrated flavors.

The 2019 season was one of the most challenging for winegrowers in the region. A combination of hailstorms, frost, and heavy rain affected vineyards across Burgundy, resulting in yield reductions of up to 50%. The quantity of wine produced was severely impacted, with some winemakers making only a fraction of their usual production.

Supply Chain Challenges

The supply chain for Burgundy wines has also been affected by the challenging weather conditions. The lower yields have resulted in a scarcity of Burgundy wines, which has driven up prices. The high demand for Burgundy wines has made it difficult for retailers to keep them on the shelves.

The situation has been compounded by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With many restaurants closed or operating at reduced capacity, wine distribution has been slower than usual. The pandemic has also disrupted the logistics of shipping wines, resulting in delays and shortages.

The Future of Burgundy Wines

Despite the challenges, Burgundy remains one of the most sought-after wine regions in the world. The region is adapting to the changing climate by adopting new farming techniques and investing in technology to mitigate the effects of extreme weather events. For example, some winemakers are planting vines in higher altitudes to avoid frost damage.

In conclusion, Burgundy wine is facing significant challenges due to the changing climate, which is affecting the quality and quantity of the wine produced. The supply chain is also being impacted, making it difficult for retailers to keep up with demand. However, with the region's resilience and determination, it is likely that Burgundy winemakers will overcome these challenges and continue to produce exceptional wines for years to come.

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