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Freeze Dry Fruits - Zero Waste & Worth the Taste

Is zero waste possible on the bar, may be so,, the average bar can be throwing £100s if not £1000s of pounds away every week & can also struggle to par for the big fluctuations in service too....

Can a blend of freeze dry and fresh fruits save you an arm & a leg this year....

We think so at Drink Think & helping many of our clients move with the times.

Freeze drying is a process where the moisture is removed from the food by exposing it to a low-pressure environment. This process not only preserves the nutrients and flavors of the fruits but also increases their shelf life. The use of freeze-drying has become increasingly popular in the food and drinks industry due to its numerous benefits.

One of the major benefits of using freeze-dried fruits in the food and drinks industry is that it eliminates the need for preservatives. Artificial preservatives are added to foods to increase their shelf life and prevent microbial growth. The use of freeze-drying technology makes preservatives redundant because the process removes any water content in the food and extends its shelf life.

The use of freeze-dried fruits has also revolutionized the world of snacking. Freeze-dried fruits can be a healthy and nutritious snack option for people of all ages. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to eat. They can be incorporated into a variety of snack foods like trail mix, yogurt, and granola bars.

Another significant advantage of freeze-dried fruit is that it is easier to incorporate them into dishes. These fruits can be used in various recipes to add texture, flavor, and nutrients without adding moisture, which can affect the texture of the dish. For instance, freeze-dried strawberries can be added to oatmeal, cereal, or smoothies.

Freeze-dried fruits offer benefits to the drinks industry as well. They can be added to drinks like smoothies, cocktails, and juices to boost the nutritional value and flavor. These fruits can add a unique texture to drinks that customers will love.

In conclusion, the use of freeze-dried fruits has revolutionized the food and drinks industry. They offer numerous benefits such as longer shelf life, added nutrients, no need for preservatives, and ease of use. These fruits are an excellent ingredient for snacks, dishes, and drinks making them a valuable asset to the food and drinks industry.

Funnily enough here at Drink Think we also work with this fantastic company supporting their creative endeavours globally. Check em out here -

They are market leaders in this field for the food & drinks industry, a game changer for modern professional chefs & mixologists alike...

For more information contact us for deeper introductions to this brand & its unique use globally & look out for our new series of drinks using the mixologist garden produce & flavours in the coming summer autum & winter months.

Drink Think always be here for you all helping shape the future trends in the drinks industry & inviting your creative collaboration too.

Please reach out if you want to share your ideas or get support on how to integrate this brand into your drinks offerings as a business.

Email us for more info:

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