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Dessert Wine Cocktails 🤔

Updated: May 19, 2023

Dessert wine, also known as sweet wine, is gaining popularity in the cocktail world as a versatile and unique ingredient. Bars and restaurants are now using dessert wines like Moscato, Port, and Sherry to add complexity, sweetness, and depth to their cocktail creations.

One of the most popular cocktails that use dessert wine is the Moscato Mimosa, a blend of Moscato wine and orange juice. Another classic cocktail that features dessert wine is the Port Wine Cocktail, which incorporates Port Wine, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Additionally, bartenders are experimenting with new recipes that use a greater variety of dessert wines, including Vermouth, Madeira, Tokaj, and Sauternes. These sweet and flavorful wines are perfect for creating unique and creative cocktails.

Overall, the trend of using dessert wine in cocktails is gaining momentum and is likely to continue to grow as more bartenders experiment with this unique ingredient.

At Drink Think we have recently been working with an Australian dessert wine from Brown Bothers known as Orange Muscat & Flora. It's incredibly unique variety and ideal go to for modern mixologist...

The late harvested Orange Muscat fruit is judiciously blended with very rare Flora grape which combines to give a wine of enormous mouth filing intensity. Sweet and rich yet, beautifully balanced, with fine acidity. Explore with fresh berry tarts or soft blue cheese or even a low abv afternoon highball or dessert wine sweeten Tom Collins.

John Graham Brown inherited a natural curiosity to explore, through the planting of new vineyards, dealing with diverse climates and the development of a research winery, called the Kindergarten. His passion for wine, led the way with innovative wine styles and grape varieties from across the globe.

For more information about the incredible families history

Available in UK again too.

For deeper discussion contact

Look out for our range of bespoke cocktails coming in our next article, this will give you nice creative angles this summer to enjoy dessert wines anytime of the day.

Breakfast martini anyone Aussie Style?

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