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Drink Think Wellness Bar Concept to Creation

Updated: May 20, 2020

Softails not Mocktails?

It's been something that has been itching away at us for quite sometime, we don't like the word mock or mock tail - so we like to call them 'Softails' instead!

What do you think?

Do you have another name for a softy. At Drink Think we take pride in all our drinks and also the people we serve them too. Softails play a huge part in forming a healthy and positive relationship with drinks. For this reason we do our damnedest to elevate all our soft drinks giving them the same love and consideration a top mixologist or chef head would.

Softail Mixology

Pictured here, the wonderful Simona at a recent Wellness Bar we hosted for Livingstone Design Outlet. Over two days Joe Public waxed their way through over 8 thousand samples.

Its was a lovely experience and great to see people of all ages embrace the nutritious recipes sculpted by our creative lead and founder Scott Gemmell.


THE VISIONARY - Good For – Eyes, Heart & Skin - 100% Carrot Juice, Pressed Orange & Mandarines activated with Honey Turmeric & Black Pepper Carrot Julienne to garnish

BRAIN GAIN - Good For - Mind, Body, Blood & Brain - Beetroot Pressed Apple blended with Apple Cider Vinegar with Himalayan Rock Salted Celery Stick

IMMUNATOR Good For - Immune System & Digestive Health - Homemade Goji Berry Hibiscus cordial, blended fresh Cranberry, Colloidal Silver, Claytons Kola Tonic topped with coconut water Blueberry spear

Drinks Designed by Liquid Chef Scott Gemmell As seen on the Hairy Bikers & Come Dine With Me.

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